Cancer can be caused by exposure to cancer-promoting toxins and chemicals in our food, drink or environment.

LACTOGG®’s probiotic bacterium has undergone studies which show that it has detoxification capabilities, removing the following cancer-producing toxins:
 ●  fungal toxins 
 ●  algal/bacterial toxin 
 ●  heavy metals

Compared to other bacterial strains, GG probiotic has an extraordinary ability to bind to, and remove, cancer-producing substances and toxins from food and water, such as cadmium, aflatoxin and microcystin LR.

Removal of toxins by GG probiotic is efficient - the more GG probiotic bacteria there are, the more toxin is removed.

How should  LACTOGG® be taken?

Supplement amount:

At least 1 sachet or 1 capsule a day.


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