Heavy metals

Another common cancer-promoting substance which pollutes industrialised areas is cadmium. Even low levels of cadmium in the body can damage nearly every system in the body.  Once cadmium is consumed it stays in the body for up to 30 years. 

Rice takes up cadmium easily. Nearly half of the rice and rice products in southern China have very high levels of cadmium while rice produced in Thailand have also been tested postivie for cadmium.

Seafood such as cuttlefish and vegetables grown in contaminated soil are often the source of large amounts of cadmium. Another source of hazardous exposure to cadmium comes from toys and imitation jewellery which children like to put into their mouths.

Studies have shown that cadmium can be removed by GG probiotic.


Halttunen T et al. Cadmium removal by Lactic Acid Bacteria. Bioscience and microflora. 2003;22(3):93-7

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