Clean Label product

We are proud to be a Clean Label product!

LACTOGG/LACTOGG®+ is committed to the principles of clean health and sustainability. 

1Clean ingredients 

LACTOGG® capsules are veggie capsules produced from non-GMO plant material. The “GG” bacteria (L. rhamnosus GG [ATCC 53103]) are a strain originally isolated from the microbiota of a healthy human.  “GG” bacteria are natural good bacteria which have adapted to live with humans when bacteria and human evolve together through the ages. Therefore the “GG” strain is natural, safe and has not undergone genetic modification in any way.

The inulin in LACTOGG® capsules and Fructooligosaccharide (FOS) in LACTOGG®+ sachets are ISO-verified, natural dietary fibres.

LACTOGG/LACTOGG®+ powdered contents do not contain preservatives, artificial flavouring, flavour enhancers, sweeteners or artificial colouring.  It does not contain maltodextrin (E965), an artificially produced food additive commonly found in probiotic products.  

It is a vegetarian product.

2. Clean manufacture

The “GG” probiotic is cultured under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) which ensures that it does not contain cow milk protein, soy protein, yeast or gluten.  This makes LACTOGG® a doctor’s trusted partner in people with allergies.

In order to obtain ISO-verification as being “natural” the source of inulin and FOS has been proven to be naturally grown chicory.  These dietary fibres are extracted from the vegetable without using any chemicals to preserve the original configuration of the dietary fibres.

Every batch of LACTOGG® capsule or LACTOGG®+ sachet undergoes a comprehensive laboratory analysis before release to ensure its cell count (cfu) complies with its label and that it does not contain bacterial and mould contaminants.

3. Clean benefits

Within the human intestinal tract “GG” bacteria also promote a healthy eco-system.

FOS, the dietary fibre ingredient in LACTOGG®+ sachets, amplifies  “GG”s effect on the gut microbial environment with its “prebiotic properties”.  When FOS is fermented by the good bacteria in the intestines, it multiplies the number of intestinal bifidobacteria significantly.

Being a dietary fibre, inulin and FOS cannot be digested by human digestive juices. Therefore they have a low glycemic index which means that they do not cause a sudden sugar rush into the blood stream.  Although they are classified as carbohydrates, they hardly contribute to total calorie input even if they are consumed regularly.

In contrast, the common food additive, maltodextrin, causes sugar spikes as it has a high glycemic index.  Maltodextrin also disrupts the intestinal barrier and upsets the good bacterial balance,  promoting the growth and invasiveness of harmful bacteria.

4. Clean environment

“GG” bacteria have been discovered to have the ability to remove environmental contaminants such as fungal toxins, bacterial toxins and heavy metals.

When these toxic substances contaminate the soil and water, they make their way into our food chain. For example a large proportion of rice grown in the Asian rice-eating countries contains high cadmium levels.(Click here.)

Binding of cadmium and lead in water by L. rhamnosus GG (ATCC 53103)
[Halttunen et al. 2007]

One of the ways to fulfil our social responsibility is to support 3R initiatives. Since 2008  we have been giving out reusable shopping bags, both small and large, to our “GG” fans.  

By using the lightweight yet strong and durable shopping bag, it is hoped that we can reduce single-use plastic bags, one person at a time.

LACTOGG®’s Green Bag is made from non-woven polypropylene (PP) material. It is not biodegradable but it is reusable and can be recycled.  PP is an inert material and does not leach chemicals into soil or water, nor does it disintegrate into microplastics, making it safe for human and animal life. Degradation may be hastened when exposed to UV-light.

This table estimates how our reusable shopping bags which can last 2 years or more, can save the planet from being polluted with over 500 single-use plastic bags a year!

HDPE= high density polyethylene       PP= Polypropylene
Table 1 Comparison chart of the impact of selected shopping bags on the environment. [Based on “Plastic Shopping Bags - Analysis of Levies and Environmental Impacts”; Environment Australia, 2002]

Please re-use our Green Bags.  No matter how small a step, it still helps towards achieving a clean and sustainable environment!

5. Clean Label

Using Australia’s Health Star Rating System of nutritional value, LACTOGG®️+ achieves the maximum 5-star score!

LACTOGG/LACTOGG®️+ are indeed clean label products. 

Let’s go Green!  Let’s go Clean!


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