Benefits nutrition

Doctors and scientists have conducted clinical trials on  LACTOGG®’s probiotic strain to see how GG probiotic influences our nutrition. They have found to have positive effect on the following aspects of nutrition:

●     Blood sugar levels
●     Weight gain in infants and children
●     Obesity

Our intestinal microbes play a very important role in our nutrition.

It is increasingly recognised that our intestinal germs influence how we handle sugar and fats. There is a strong link between the type of intestinal bacteria and obesity.

Research has documented that fat people have different sets of intestinal germs compared to thin people. To prove if “fatness” was linked to the type of germs living in our intestinal tract, scientists transplanted the intestinal bacteria from fat people into thin mice and found that the thin mice rapidly became fat!

The natural intestinal bacterial ecosystem is known to be disrupted during times of stress such as starvation, illness, surgery and use of medication, especially antibiotics.

GG probiotic promotes nutrition because it helps to maintain a normal intestinal microbial ecosystem and a healthy gastrointestinal system despite times of stress. After a bout of illness or medication, loss of appetite and abdominal discomfort are common. Taking LACTOGG® helps to boost the appetite not only because it limits inflammatory damage to the gastrointestinal tract, but also because it improves abdominal bloating and pain.

GG probiotic can also breakdown proteins such as cow's milk protein. This ability may enhance nutrition when illness and medication interfere with efficient digestion.

The bacteria participate in the breakdown of food components which normally cannot be digested by our own digestive system such as vegetable fibres and complex carbohydrates. Breakdown is achieved via fermentation which produce short chain fatty acids (SCFAs).

SCFAs influence the handling of blood sugar and fats. They promote the feeling of “fullness” after a meal while enhancing the absorption of minerals such as calcium, iron and magnesium. SCFA are invaluable to our nutrition because they are the most important source of energy for cells on the surface of the intestinal tract enabling them to survive, grow and repair.

How should LACTOGG® be taken?

Supplement amount:

1 sachet to 1 capsule a day

As  LACTOGG® can positively benefit nutrition and growth, it is advisable that  LACTOGG® be continued after a course of antibiotics, surgery or illness.


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