Every probiotic strain is specific and unique.

The 2001 WHO Expert Report on how probiotics should be evaluated emphasises the fact that the beneficial effects of probiotics are always linked to the identity of each bacterial strain.

We need to thoroughly identify every probiotic bacterium down to its strain because every probiotic strain possesses its own individual characteristics, behaves differently and gives different health benefits.

Before you purchase a probiotic product, take a look at the names of the probiotic bacteria. A probiotic’s name should be in 4 parts - its ‘genus’, ‘species’, ‘strain’ and identification number.

For example, LACTOGG®’s probiotic bacterium has the following name:

Just knowing the name of the genus and the species is not enough. In order to be certain if a bacterium is a true probiotic or not we must know its full identity, down to the identity of its strain.

Just as in humans, brothers or sisters may share the same surname (genus) and middle name (species) but each is a different person with his or her individual and unique abilities. The only way to identify their difference and confirm their individuality is to know the given name of the person (strain) and his or her identity/passport number (ATCC).

The best way to identify the strain is to check the bacterium’s genetic or DNA “fingerprint”.

LACTOGG®’s probiotic strain is fully identified. Its complete genetic “fingerprint” is known, with its unique genetic identity number, “ATCC 53103” catalogued and deposited in a “bank” for microorganisms called the American Type Culture Collection.

Know the strain and you know its identity. Know its identity and you can confirm if it really has evidence behind its health claims!

Does LACTOGG® pass this test?

Definitely! LACTOGG®’s probiotic is fully identified, down to its genetic “GG” strain identity.

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