Research has found that about 10 - 20 billion probiotic bacteria should be consumed in order to effectively influence the immune system and promote the growth of other good germs in the intestinal tract. A high dose is especially important when the probiotic bacteria may be destroyed or when colonisation is difficulty, such as when probiotics are used to reduce the severity of acute diarrhoea, during a course of antibiotics or when used during cancer therapy. 

People may have the idea that it is better to take a mixture of different types of probiotic bacteria and that mixtures should contain more bacteria compared to single strain probiotic. 

These products mix different types of bacteria together and claim they have a large number of bacteria, and so have more health effects. 

Unfortunately, probiotics don’t work like that. 

Mixing many types of bacteria does not mean it is more “powerful”. In fact, very often it may result in the loss of health benefits. The reason is because many of the health effects of probiotics depend on how the bacteria stimulate our immune system. Every strain stimulates the immune system differently.

Mixing several strains together may result in individual strains stimulating the immune system so differently that they “cancel out” each other’s health benefit! 

So in probiotic arithmetic, 1 + 1 + 1 is not necessarily + 3. It may even be -3!

The dosage of a probiotic strain should be high enough for it to produce health effects. 
Mixing different strains to create a high dose may cancel out any health effect.

Does LACTOGG® pass this test? 

Yes. LACTOGG® contains the dose which has been tested to be necessary to produce clinical effects. LactoGG is proven to contain at least 20 billion live bacteria per capsule or sachet.

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