Many bacteria strains sold as "probiotics" actually do not occur naturally in human beings. There are even some which have been genetically modified, and passed off as “natural".

In order to function as a probiotic, the bacterium must first be recognised by protein structures on the human intestinal cell surface. It must also possess the ability to hold onto the intestinal surface. Only then can it stick onto the intestinal surface and colonise it.

Human beings need probiotic of human origin.

Does LACTOGG® pass this test?

Yes. LACTOGG®’s probiotic bacterium is a natural “human” good germ. Since it has naturally evolved alongside mankind it can be identified by the human intestinal surface cells. 

At the same time it has tiny hair-like projections called “pili” on its cell surface which enable it to latch on to the intestinal surface and colonise it.

Furthermore, LACTOGG®’s probiotic strain can be recognised by human immune cells which is essential before it can influence immunity.

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